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Public speaking requires plenty of preparation. Planning, research, writing, practice, feedback, and revision. Even the most capable speakers sometimes run into trouble, though. Memory lapses can result from stage fright, hecklers, and unfamiliar questions. When the brain falters and the mouth ceases to move, crickets begin chirping, the audience begins whispering, and the speaker looks precisely like the woman in the forgoing animation – bewildered, regretful, aghast.

Although it is impossible to guarantee a speech will proceed flawlessly, an effectively-written speech gives speakers the tools necessary to command audience attention, garner their admiration, and answer all their questions. Moreover, an effective speech writer uses techniques to structure language in a way that is easy for speakers to remember and the audience to understand. When speakers feel confident about the message, they are more likely to deliver it confidently.

The Royal Writers have vast experience both writing and delivering speeches. Postprandial (after-dinner) speeches, impromptu speeches, narrative speeches, extemporaneous speeches, debates, informational speeches and persuasive speeches. Our team has expert knowledge and skill that will give you the tools necessary to deliver any kind of speech with spectacular results.

In addition to speech writing, we also offer public speaking education and facilitated practice using Skype. We can give you the methods necessary to deliver a great speech and offer feedback as you practice. It is a wonderful way for clients to receive non-judgmental feedback before the big show.

If you have doubts about your speech-writing or public speaking ability. Please contact the Royal Writers. We will work with you tirelessly until you get the results you need.

Speech Writing

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