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Recruiters spend an average of 6.25 seconds looking at a resume before taking one of three actions: reading more carefully, saving it for later, or throwing it in the trash. Scores of recruiters toss resumes nonchalantly, even maliciously into trash cans every day because they lose patience attending to maladroitly-written text on stock white paper.

The recruiter does not know who you are. Since there is no emotional connection, there is no respect for the diligent effort and massive time you spent working on a project. You may have the skills for the job. However, the resume itself often makes the difference between earning a good livelihood and maintaining self- respect or unemployment, economic difficulties, and feelings of hopelessness.

Are you going to let recruiters throw you and your potential great job offer away like a piece of garbage in 6.25 seconds or are you going to take a stand? If you are reading this (and I am certain you are) then you are taking a stand.

The Royal Writers have been standing up for clients since the new millennium. We know you have the skills, the education, and the drive. You just need somebody to take notice, to give you a chance, to recognize your value. That’s our specialty.

Using the best cover letter and resume format for each person, we carefully position keywords and create emotionally-engaging text to ensure your application will rise to the top of the pile.

You can’t win with mediocrity. Choose The Royal Writers and they will get you noticed, applauded, and hired.

Let’s get that new job! Contact us today.

Resumes and Cover Letters

We make your resume shine so employers take a shine to your resume. Contact us and get ready for your new job.


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