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Whether your business is merely a babe in arms or a venerable force known globally, a press release is a powerful tool for introducing new products and services, sharing important corporate changes, creating social buzz and company recognition, and improving revenue both short and long term. A well-written press release with concomitant marketing strategy can leave an indelible mark upon readers’ minds. The same is true, however, for poorly-written press releases. If you write a bad press review, readers will mark your company’s image with a huge stamp of disapproval.

The Royal Writers are press release writing experts. We have written hundreds of press releases for the government and private sectors, for-profits and non-profits. Although the press release is a short document, it is a tall order. Its brevity belies its difficulty. Using precision language and flawless grammar, the writer must structure information so that every bit of content is meaningful, persuasive, and tailored for a specific audience. One misstep and the entire effort can be torn asunder, leaving a company and its employees in ruins.

If your company has been torn asunder by an ineffective press release, The Royal Writers are ready to pick up and re-assemble the pieces. If this will be your first press release, we will ensure it is a great one. Don’t trust your company’s image and future to just anyone. Trust it to the educated professionals, the kings and queens of creativity, and the barons of balanced business. Trust your company to The Royal Writers and contact us today for an initial consultation.

Press Releases

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