Grant Writing

Find a grant. Submit a proposal. Acquire the money. Each year, over 400 billion ($400,000,000,000!) in grants are awarded to over 30 million American citizens and residents. Foundations, businesses, and the federal and state governments are merely several of numerous entities that provide funding for myriad reasons. Are you a non-profit organization seeking funding or an individual eager to start a non-profit? Would you like money to start a business? Do you need money to help buy your first home? Perhaps you are a school administrator desperate to acquire funds for computers and books or a college professor seeking a research grant. Whoever you are and whatever your needs, there are likely grants out there waiting for you to claim them.

In theory, grant acquisition sounds easy. In practice, it is a monumental task. There is no compendium of available grants because they are always changing. Moreover, the grants and grantors are so numerous, the process so bureaucratic, and the demographic so specific that finding grants pertaining to one’s needs can be an effort in futility. Hours of searching the internet and making calls often lead grant-seeking novices to a cul-de-sac from which they never return. Their efforts stall and somebody else gets the money they deserve.

Who gets the money? Skilled people who have the knowledge and resources to acquire grants; educated people who understand the complex procedures for completing grant applications; talented people who can write concisely yet persuasively to garner grantor interest; hungry people who don’t give up despite the odds.

Who gets the money? The Royal Writers get the money. Every Royal Writer is a certified grant-writing expert. With over $4,000,000 in grant-acquisitions among them, they have the experience, skill and talent to help you acquire the money that will change your life and the lives of those you care about. Moreover, they have insider resources and connections to which the average person is not privy.

Don’t trust your monetary needs to just anyone. Trust the Royal Writers. They will get you results that are fit for a king.

Grant Writing

Research. Application. Results. We have gotten over four million in grants for our clients. How much can we get for you? Contact us.


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