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So you want to write an e-book? Writing an e-book is a lot of work but, with the right topic, intriguing text, and effective marketing, e-books can be quite lucrative for their authors. One member of our writing team made $10,000 the first day the book was published. Although that may be unrepresentative of average first-day sales, there are many authors, first-time authors, reaping impressive financial benefits for their efforts.

Are you a first-time author or a seasoned e-book writer? Do you need the e-book ghostwritten or maybe just substantive or light editing? Whatever your need, The Royal Writers can help. With e-book writing experience, formal training, and marketing connections, The Royal Writers can facilitate the production and publishing processes from start to finish.

General Writing and Editing

If you require help with a writing or editing project not otherwise listed under services, please contact us for a consultation and quote. We can help you write novels, email campaigns, blogs, and anything else not specified.

e-Book Writing and Editing

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