Business Plans

It is no secret why there are ten parts to a business plan. They arise from the word decimate, which means to destroy one-tenth. For every one-tenth you finish, a tenth of your brain is destroyed. By the time you finish completely, your entire brain is jelly. Of course, the explanation just given is complete rubbish, our humorous take upon a time-intensive and frustrating endeavor.

Business plan writing is not for the novice penman, the temporally-constrained, or the research despiser. However, for anybody who wants financial funding for a new or expanding business, or an internal understanding of all business aspects necessary to survive the onslaught of competitors, a business plan is a necessity. Without a logically-sound, impeccably-written business plan, funding dearth may stall business momentum indefinitely or cause its swift demise.

The Royal Writers have procured funding for over seventy businesses and helped business owners to understand the complex variables and interconnections that affect their function in a complex and ever-changing environment.

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Business Plans

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