Whether you want a book written about your riveting life story or a one-page bio that features a more truncated approach, The Royal Writers will capture your best features and overall essence so you may showcase them to customers, clients, patients, or even the world if that is your lofty goal. Your motivation and purpose for creating the biography will determine the writing strategy and methods.

Most people require a brief one-to-two-page biography. If this is what you need, we will chat via Skype or telephone so we can glean as much relevant information as possible. We use a formal, empirically-tested questionnaire to ensure we miss nothing that would compromise the integrity of the biography. Afterwards, we use that information and a structural format best-suited for your individual needs to carefully craft a life story that is both truthful yet captivating for readers. During the entire process, we will keep in touch and make revisions as necessary. After all, it is your life story and you must be a part of its written re-creation.

If you have had a life filled with amazing and unique experiences and want to create a lengthier biography and perhaps have it published, please contact us regarding prices and a free consultation. We can help you re-live your experiences through print and re-create them for future generations.


Let us learn your life story so we keep it alive for posterity.


Thank you for contacting the Royal Family writers and editors. Please call or send a message to the King and a member of the Kingdom will respond to your concerns as soon as possible.

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