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Why Choose Royal Writers?

  • Over fifteen years of experience writing across multiple domains.
  • Lowest fees among comparably educated and certified professionals.
  • 99.76% Customer Satisfaction rating.
  • Over $4,000,000 in grant money procured.
  • Masterful text for hundreds of websites.
  • Highly-educated and certified professionals

In short, our team has the education, skill, and creativity to write or re-write your unique narrative. With hundreds of satisfied clients across the globe, The Royal Writers are confident we can exceed your expectations.

Don’t fragment your dreams and risk defeat. Choose Royal Writers and make YOUR “Once Upon a Time” an epic story of personal triumph and certain success.

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Royal Services

Web Page Writing and Editing

Get people caught in your web! Enter here and let us spin the filament that will grow your business.

e-Book Writing and Editing

Book it and contact our E-book writing expert today! Turn the page and make a profit!


Let us learn your life story so we keep it alive for posterity.

Academic Writing and Editing

We help create the annals of academe. Students and professors, enter here!

Speech Writing

Speak like a boss and bury the albatross around your neck. Enter to contact our expert speechwriter.

Corporate and Advertising Copy

Our royal wordsmiths are ready to package their ideas and wrap them in clever text so your clients will check them out. Enter here!

Business Plans

Get the funding you deserve! Our Royal Writers will write a standout business plan that works. Enter at no risk!

Press Releases

Get steamed! We will help you gas the competition with incredible press releases and social media exposure. Enter and contact us today!

Technical Writing

Please enter and contact us for a free consultation. Our portfolio is expansive and diverse.

Resumes and Cover Letters

We make your resume shine so employers take a shine to your resume. Contact us and get ready for your new job.

Grant Writing

Research. Application. Results. We have gotten over four million in grants for our clients. How much can we get for you? Contact us.

The Royal Writers

The Royal Writers hail from Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, and California. Despite dispersion across the Country, they use modern technology to integrate their efforts, communicate with clients via Skype and conference calls, and develop finished products that get clients the results they want and deserve. The four Royal Writers you see featured – The King, The Queen, The Princess, and the Evil Stepmother (don’t ask!) – are the primary familial constituents. However, there are others working behind the scenes who provide valuable services.

The Royal Writers have degrees from the following well-known and respected universities: University of Chicago, Brown University, University of Pittsburgh, and Duke University. Moreover, they also hold myriad professional writing certifications, including: National Resume Writers Certification, American Grant Writers Certification, American Marketing Association Certification, Society for Technical Communication Certification, and the National Association of Business Writers Certification.

Knowledge is Power. The Royal Writers use their knowledge to empower you and help you fulfill your goals, whatever they may be. The Royal Writers look forward to helping you make an investment in your future.

Russell Grimes

Russell Grimes

Lead Writer and Editor

Russell has a graduate degree in English and an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Chicago. He enjoys acting and singing in community theatre.

Bertha Alatorre

Bertha Alatorre

Associate Writer: Marketing

Bertha has a graduate degree in English from University of Pittsburgh. She enjoys needlecraft and gardening in her spare time.

Victoria DeMarco

Victoria DeMarco

Associate Editor

Victoria has a graduate degree in English and an undergraduate degree in marketing from Brown University. She is a roller coaster fanatic.

Linda Arminio

Linda Arminio

Associate Writer and Editor

Linda has a graduate degree in English from Duke University. She enjoys traveling to as many countries as possible.


The Royal Writers editing team is top notch. They have the requisite education to substantively edit scholarly articles and books for several academic departments and provide insights that help to successfully facilitate their timely publication. They detect errors and suggest emendations that are beyond the ken of many faculty members.

Barbara B.

West Virginia University

Wise knows potato chips and other snacks. The Royal Writers know how to create advertising campaigns that successfully market our products. With an unerring sense of market demographics, linguistics, and rhetoric, the team skillfully creates marketing campaigns that creatively engage consumers, capture their interest, and increase our market share. If you are looking to successfully market your business, the Royal Writers will work tirelessly to ensure you reach your goals.

David Anderson

Wise Company

The Royal Writers help put the amusement in our amusement park. Kennywood Park, established in 1898, is one of the oldest parks of its kind in the United States. It is known for its classic coasters, several of which date back to the early 20th Century. However, it also has many modern rides as well. The marketing team successfully integrates the old and the new, modernity and antiquity, when creating their marketing materials to appeal to multiple generations of visitors. With a professional yet social and (at times) amusing tone, the text they create appeals to multiple demographics and ensures Kennywood is busy most every day.

Angela Mendelssohn

Kennywood Park